Hands #105-110: Anton Wigg Takes the Chip Lead

Jan 26, 2022

Heads Up Anton Wigg

Hand 105: Alexander Yen folds on the button, giving Anton Wigg (pictured) a walk.

Hand 106: Wigg raises to 1 million on the button and Yen folds, earning Wigg the pot.

Hand 107: Yen raises to 1 million on the button and Wigg defends his big blind. Both players check a flop of Spade JHeart 8Diamond 4.

The turn comes Spade 10 and Wigg bets 1.6 million. Yen calls, bringing the river Diamond K where Wigg checks. Yen bets 3 million and Wigg calls.

“Nice call,” says Yen as he shows Spade QSpade 7. Wigg tables Club KHeart Q for top pair and takes the pot.

Hand 108: Wigg limps on the button and Yen raises his option to 1.6 million. Wigg calls.

The flop comes Heart QDiamond 9Heart 2 and Yen continuation-bets 2 million, receiving a fold from Wigg to earn him the pot.

Hand 109: Yen opens to 1,000,000 and Wigg calls. The flop falls Diamond ASpade 10Heart 9 and Wigg checks. Yen continues for 700,000 and Wigg check raises to 2.4 million. Yen folds.

Hand 110: Wigg completes on the button and Yen checks his option in the big blind. The flop falls Club KDiamond 9Heart 8 and Yen checks. Wigg bets 400,000 and Yen folds.

Anton Wigg – 43,900,000
Alexander Yen – 35,400,000

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