Hands #12-13: Final Nine Players

Mar 2, 2016

Hand #12  –  Sam Soverel is late coming back from the break, so his hand is dead in the big blind. Farid Jattin raises under the gun to 75,000, and Alex Keating calls from the button. The flop comes Diamond 10Spade 7Spade 6, Jattin checks, Keating bets 75,000, and Jattin folds. Keating takes the pot.

Hand #13  –  Alex Keating min-raises from the cutoff to 60,000, Dietrich Fast calls from the button, and Farid Jattin calls from the big blind. The flop comes Diamond JDiamond 10Club 4Jattin checks, and Keating bets 100,000. Fast calls, and Jattin folds. The turn card is the Spade K, and both players check.

The river card is the X X5cX X, Keating checks, Fast bets 320,000, and Keating folds. Fast takes the pot.

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