Hands 121-123: Even Steven

May 16, 2015

Hand #121: Steve Warburton limped from the button and Farid Yachou checked. The flop brought out 8diamond 7diamond 6heart and Yachou check-called 120,000. On the turn the 9club hit and both players checked. The river was the 6spade hit and Yachou check-called 270,000.
Warburton showed Jspade 5diamond and he took down the pot with a straight.

Hand #122: Yachou raised from the button to 225,000 and Warburton called. The flop came down Jspade 6diamond 6heart and Warburton check-folded to a bet of 255,000.

Hand #123: Warburton raised from the button to 225,000 and Yachou three-bet to 525,000. Warburton called and the flop brought out Tclub 5heart 5spade. Yachou bet 575,000 and he won the pot.

Warburton ~ 5,130,000
Yachou ~ 5,100,000

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