Hands 124 - 129: Yachou Takes the Lead

May 16, 2015

Hand #124: Farid Yachou opens to 225,000 on the button, and Steve Warburton folds.

Hand #125: Steve Warburton opens the button for 200,000, and Farid Yachou folds.

Hand #126: Farid Yachou gets a walk.

Hand #127: Steve Warburton limps into the pot from the small blind, and Farid Yachou checks. The action checks through to the turn on Aclub Jclub Tdiamond 2spade, and Yachou check-calls a 125,000 Warburton bet. Both players check the 4diamond river, and Yachou wins the pot with Qspade 4heart, for a pair of fours. Warburton mucks his hand.

Hand #128: Farid Yachou opens the button for 225,000, and Steve Warburton calls. The action checks to the turn on Tspade 7diamond 5heart Qheart, Warburton bets 260,000 and Yachou calls. The river is the 6spade, Warburton checks, Yachou bets 675,000, and Warburton folds.

Hand #129: Steve Warburton limps the button, and Farid Yachou checks. The flop is Qclub Jdiamond TheartYachou checks, Warburton bets 120,000, and Yachou folds.

Yachou ~ 5,400,000
Warburton 4,940,000

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