Hands #125-126: Donald Maloney Doubles Through Kevin Albers

Sep 20, 2019

Double Up Donald Maloney

Hand #125: Donald Maloney (pictured) raises under the gun to 500,000 and Kevin Albers announces he is all in from the big blind for 13,425,000. Maloney calls all in for 5,275,000, and the cards are tabled.

Albers: Club ASpade 10
Maloney: Club QSpade Q

With Maloney at-risk, the dealer spreads the Spade 8Diamond KDiamond 6Club 2Heart 3 board to secure a double for Maloney.

Donald Maloney – 10,650,000
Kevin Albers – 8,350,000

Hand #126: Donald Maloney receives a walk in the big blind.

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