Hands #125-127: Last Hands of Level 32

Jul 17, 2022

HAND #125  –  Robert Mizrachi raises from the button to 600,000, and Mike Vanier calls from the big blind. The flop comes Heart 7Heart 6Spade 5, Vanier checks, Mizrachi bets 450,000, and Vanier folds. Mizrachi takes the pot.

HAND #126  –  Yulian Bogdanov raises from the button to 600,000, Mike Vanier reraises from the small blind to 2,500,000, and Bogdanov folds. Vanier takes the pot.

HAND #127  –  Robert Mizrachi completes the small blind to 300,000, and Yulian Bogdanov checks his option in the big blind. Both players check to the turn on a board of Spade 8Heart 8Club 4Club 7, Mizrachi bets 350,000, and Bogdanov calls.

The river card is the Club 9, Mizrachi bets 550,000, Bogdanov raises to 3,050,000, and Mizrachi folds. Bogdanov takes the pot.

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