Hands #1-3: Final Nine Players

Nov 6, 2014

Hand #1  –  George Griffith min-raises from the cutoff to 12,000, and Ziga Jamnikar calls from the small blind. The flop comes [Ah6h2s], Jamnikar checks, Griffith bets 151,000, and Jamnikar calls. Both players check the [2d] on the turn and the [5h] on the river.

Jamnikar shows [Ac8c] to win the pot with two pair, aces and deuces, and Griffith mucks.

Hand #2  –  Frederic Maniez raises under the gun to 15,000, and Darren Elias calls from the big blind. The flop comes [AhKs10h], Elias checks, Maniez bets 20,000, and Elias check-raises to 54,000. Maniez calls.

The turn is the [Jc], Elias bets 65,000, and Maniez tanks for a while before he folds [KdKh] (set of kings) face up. Elias takes the pot.

Hand #3  –  Jonathan Roy min-raises from the hijack to 12,000, Ziga Jamnikar calls from the cutoff, Dan Murariu calls from the button, and Darren Elias reraises from the small blind to 50,000. Everyone else folds, and Elias takes the pot.

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