Hands #134-136: Joseph Cheong Doubles Through Geoffrey Hum

Nov 3, 2019

Hand #134: Geoffrey Hum receives a walk in the big blind.

Hand #135: Geoffrey Hum limps the small blind and Joseph Cheong checks the big blind. The flop lands Spade 5Heart 5Diamond K and Hum bets 300,00 and Cheong calls. The turn is the Heart 10 and Hum bets 700,000 and Cheong folds.

Hand #136: Geoffrey Hum raises to 600,000 from the button and Joseph Cheong shoves the small blind for 6,450,000. Hum calls.

Hum: Heart AClub Q
Cheong: Diamond KDiamond 7

With Cheong at risk, the Diamond AClub 3Diamond 6 flop gave him outs to a flush draw, and when the turn lands the Heart K, he now needs any diamond, king, or seven to stay alive.

The river is the Diamond 4 completing Cheong’s flush to secure him of a double.

Joseph Cheong – 13,400,000
Geoffrey Hum – 16,050,000

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