Hands #134-137: Small Pots

Oct 4, 2017

Hand #134: Zachary Donovan gets things going with a 280,000 raise from the button, and Art Papazyan calls. Both check the Spade 6Diamond 5Heart 5 flop, then after the Diamond 9 turn Papazyan bets 200,000 and Donovan calls. The Diamond 6 comes on the river. Papazyan bets 1.2 million and wins the pot.

Hand #135: Papazyan wins a small one with a 260,000 button-raise.

Hand #136: Donovan limps, Papazyan checks, then both check the Heart 9Club 9Spade 4 flop. The turn is the Heart 10, and after Papazyan checks and sees Donovan bet 200,000, he lets his hand go.

Hand #137: Donovan gets a walk.

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