Hands 137-138: Two Big Ones For Ormsby

Feb 24, 2016

Hand #137: Rob Forbes raised to 360,000 from the button and David Orsmby called from the big blind. The flop brought out Spade KSpade 3Diamond 3 and Orsmby check-called 400,000.

The turn brought the Diamond 6 and both players checked. On the river the Club 6 hit and Ormsby check-called a bet of 475,000.

Forbes showed Heart AHeart 8 and lost to Ormsby’s Diamond KSpade Q.

Hand #138: David Ormsby raised to 275,000 and Rob Forbes made it 470,000 from the big blind. Ormsby called and the flop showed Diamond JDiamond 9Heart 7, on which both players checked.

The turn brought the Spade A and Forbes bet 425,000 and Ormsby called.

The river completed the board with the Heart K and Ormsby called another 375,000. Forbes showed Heart 4Heart 3 and lost to Heart AHeart 10.

Rob Forbes – 8,000,000 (66bb)
David Ormsby – 4,690,000 (39bb)

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