Hands #143-146: Donald Maloney Picking Up Chips

Sep 20, 2019

Hand #143: Donald Maloney completes the small blind and Uke Dauti checks from the big blind as the flop lands Club 2Club 6Club 4. Maloney check-calls 300,000 as the turn lands the Spade 9. Maloney checks, and Dauti bets 650,000 as the Club 3 completes the board on the river.

Maloney tables his Club 7Diamond 6 for a flush, and Dauti mucks.

Donald Maloney – 16,900,000
Uke Dauti – 11,200,000

Hand #144: Uke Dauti limps the small blind and Kevin Albers checks the big blind to see the Club JHeart ADiamond 6 flop. Dauti bets 300,000 and Albers calls as the turn lands the Club 9. Dauti bets 900,000 and Albers calls before the Diamond J checks through on the river.

Albers tables his Club KSpade 6 for two pair, and Dauti mucks.

Hand #145: Uke Dauti raises the button to 500,000 and Donald Maloney calls in the big blind. The flop lands Heart JDiamond 4Spade 7 and Maloney check-calls a bet of 600,000 before the Heart 10 and Club 8 check through on the turn and river.

Maloney tables his Club JClub 3 and Dauti mucks.

Hand #146: Kevin Albers raises to 550,000 on the button and Donald Maloney calls in the small blind. The flop lands Club 7Spade 2Heart 3 and both players check to reveal the Club J on the turn. A bet of 575,000 from Albers is enough to take the pot down.

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