Hands #145-148: Final Two Players

Oct 4, 2017

Hand #145: Art Papazyan raises to 275,000 and Zachary Donovan calls. Donovan checks the Club 10Heart 5Spade 3 flop. Papazyan bets 200,000, and Donovan raises to 650,000. Papazyan calls. The turn was the Heart 4 and Donovan checks. Papazyan bets 800,000 and Donovan folds.

Hand #146: Donovan gets a walk.

Hand #147: Papazyan bets 275,000 and wins.

Hand #148: Donovan limps, Papazyan checks, and the flop comes Diamond 10Diamond 9Heart 4. Papazyan checks, Donovan bets 120,000, and Papazyan calls. The turn is the Club A and both check. The river is the Club K. Papazyan checks again, Donovan bets 500,000, and Papazyan calls.

“You win,” says Donovan as Papazyan shows Diamond 4Heart 3.

Heads Up Art Papazyan_Zachary Donovan

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