Hands #149-151: Donovan Folds to Papazian Shove

Oct 4, 2017

Hand #149: Papazyan bets 275,000 and wins.

Hand #150: Donovan raises to 280,000 and Papazyan calls. The flop comes Spade 9Heart 7Club 5. Papazyan checks, Donovan bets 200,000, and Papazyan calls. The turn is the Diamond K and both check.

The river brings the Spade 2. Papazyan bets 1.2 million and Donovan calls. Papazyan shows Club KDiamond 9, and Donovan mucks.

Hand #151: In the last hand of the level, Papazyan bets 275,000 and Donovan calls. The flop comes Spade 9Heart 6Diamond 5. Donovan checks, Papazian bets 200,000, Donovan check-raises to 570,000, Papazyan shoves all in, and Donovan lets it go.

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