Hands #149 - 153: Zamani Flushes Patterson

Nov 10, 2015

Hand 149

Ben Zamani limps in on the button and Tyler Patterson checks his option. The flop is Heart QDiamond 4Heart 2 and Patterson bets 150,000. Zamani calls and the turn is the Diamond 9. Both players check and the Heart 5 peels off on the river. Patterson bets 300,000 and Zamani folds.

Hand 150

Tyler Patterson raises to 260,000 on the button and Ben Zamani folds.

Hand 151

Ben Zamani raises to 260,000 and Tyler Patterson calls. The flop is Club KClub 9Club 4 and both players check. The turn is the Club 6 and both players check again. The river is the Club 5 and Patterson checks again. Zamani bets 210,000 and Patterson calls.

Zamani shows Spade 7Club 7, giving him a flush and Patterson mucks his hand.

Hand 152

Tyler Patterson folds on the button and Ben Zamani gets a walk.

Hand 153

Ben Zamani folds on the button.

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