Hands #151: Garrett Greer Takes More Than a 2-to-1 Chip Lead

Apr 20, 2016

Hand #151  –  Garrett Greer raises to 750,000, and Justin Young calls. The flop comes Heart ASpade 6Spade 5, Young checks, Greer bets 850,000, and Young calls. The turn card is the Club 8, Young checks, Greer bets 2,100,000, and Young thinks for a while before he calls.

The river card is the Club 10, Young checks, Greer bets 5,500,000, and Young tanks for more than two minutes before he folds. Greer takes the pot.

Justin Young  –  10,450,000  (35 bb)
Garrett Greer  –  26,200,000  (87 bb)

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