Hands #152-156: Papazian Still Way in Front

Oct 4, 2017

Hand #152: Zachary Donovan raises to 350,000 from the button and wins.

Hand #153: Art Papazyan does the same, raising to 350,000 from the button and winning.

Hand #154: Papazyan gets a walk.

Hand #155: Papazyan opens for 375,000 and Donovan calls. The flop comes Club ADiamond QHeart 9 and both check, and they check again after the Spade 2 turn. The river is the Diamond 4. Donovan bets 200,000 and Papazyan calls, and when Papazyan shows Club KClub 9, Donovan mucks.

Hand #156: Donovan limps and Papazyan checks. They both check the Club KClub JHeart 6 flop and Spade 3 turn. On the Spade 7 river Papazyan bets 200,000 and Donovan calls. Papazyan has Club 7Diamond 4, but Donovan takes this one with Diamond JDiamond 2.

Heads Up Art Papazyan

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