Hands #154 - 158: Patterson Takes One With King-High

Nov 10, 2015

Hand 154

Tyler Patterson folds on the button and Ben Zamani gets a walk.

Hand 155

Ben Zamani folds on the button.

Hand 156

Tyler Patterson raises to 260,000 and Ben Zamani calls out of the big blind. The flop is Diamond AClub 4Club 2 and Zamani checks. Patterson bets 200,000 and Zamani folds.

Hand 157 

Ben Zamani limps in on the button and Tyler Patterson checks his option. The flop is Diamond 8Club 7Diamond 6 and Patterson checks. Zamani bets 205,000 and Patterson quickly calls. The turn is the Club Q and Patterson checks. Zamani checks back and the river is the Diamond Q.

Patterson checks and Zamani checks back. Patterson shows Diamond KClub 9 and Zamani mucks his hand.

Hand 158 

Tyler Patterson raises to 260,000 and Ben Zamani calls. The flop is Spade KHeart QHeart 9 and Zamani checks. Patterson checks back and the turn is the Diamond 2. Zamani checks again and Patterson checks. The river is the Heart J and Zamani leads for 300,000. Patterson folds.

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