Hands #158-160: All In and a Chop

Dec 20, 2022

Heads Up Play
Photo:  Lara Eisenberg (left) vs. Stephen Song (right)

HAND #158  –  Stephen Song raises to 4,000,000 with Diamond KClub K, and Lara Eisenberg folds X 9X 3.

HAND #159  –  Lara Eisenberg limps for 2,000,000 with Spade QClub Q, and Stephen Song checks his option with Heart JHeart 9. Both players check to the river on a board of Club ADiamond 9Diamond 4Diamond 7Spade A. Song bets 4,000,000, Eisenberg raises to 10,000,000, and Song thinks for a while before he folds. Eisenberg takes the pot.

HAND #160  –  Stephen Song moves all in for 39,800,000 with Diamond AHeart 5, and Lara Eisenberg calls with Club AHeart 3. There is a good chance of a chop here.

The board comes Club KSpade JSpade 10Spade 8Spade 4, and neither kicker plays, so it’s a chopped pot.

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