Hands 158-161: Yachou Doubles Through Warburton

May 16, 2015

Hand #158: Farid Yachou opens to 260,000 on the button, and Steve Warburton makes the call. The action checks to the turn on Aspade Theart 4heart Aheart, and Warrington check-calls a 330,000 Yachou bet. Both players check the Kheart on the river, and Warburton takes the hand with Tclub 2club for two pair.

Hand #159: Steve Warburton limps the button, and Farid Yachou checks his option.The action checks through to the river on Aspade 4spade 4club Aspade 5heart and Warburton takes it with a 160,000 bet.

Hand #160: Farid Yachou opens the button for 260,000, and Steve Warburton calls.

Flop: Kdiamond Jspade 9diamond

Warburton checks, Yachou bets 330,000, and Warburton calls.

Turn: 5spade

Warburton checks, Yachou bets 330,000, Warburton moves all-in, and it takes less than a minute for Yachou to make the call. Warburton tables Kheart 5heart, for two pair.

“You have two-outs,” says Yachou as he shows 9club 9spade for the flopped set.

The dealer puts the Qheart onto the river and Yachou scores a huge double up. The dealer counts the stacks and Warburton is left with 2,550,000 chips.

Hand #161: Steve Warburton limps the button, and Farid Yachou checks. The flop is 8heart 7spade 4club, Yachou bets 225,000, and Warburton calls. The 4spade is checked through on the turn. The river is the Tclub and Yachou takes it with a 325,000 bet.

Yachou ~ 8,250,000
Warburton ~ 2,100,000

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