Hands #162-164: Stephen Song Picks Up More Chips After Flopping Two Pair

Dec 20, 2022

HAND #162  –  Stephen Song raises to 4,000,000 with Diamond ADiamond K, and Lara Eisenberg calls with Club 5Diamond 4. The flop comes Diamond QSpade QSpade 8, Eisenberg checks, Song bets 2,500,000, and Eisenberg folds. Song takes the pot.

HAND #163  –  Lara Eisenberg raises to 4,000,000 with Diamond JClub 2, and Stephen Song calls with Club JHeart 6. The flop comes Spade JSpade 6Heart 3, Song checks, Eisenberg bets 3,000,000, and Song check-raises to 9,000,000. Eisenberg calls.

The turn card is the Diamond 8, Song checks, Eisenberg bets 14,000,000, and Song calls.

The river card is the Heart 10, and both players check. Eisenberg shows Diamond JClub 2 for a pair of jacks, but Song turns over Club JHeart 6 to win the pot with two pair.

HAND #164  –  Stephen Song limps for 2,000,000 with Club AClub 10, and Lara Eisenberg checks her option with Club 9Club 7. The flop comes Diamond AHeart AHeart K, Eisenberg checks, Song bets 2,000,000, and Eisenberg folds. Song takes the pot.

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