Hands #163-166: Jeremy Joseph Narrows the Gap

Apr 4, 2023

Heads Up Jeremy JosephPhoto:  Jeremy Joseph

HAND #163  –  Jeremy Joseph moves all in for 6,300,000, and Scott Eskenazi folds.

HAND #164  –  Scott Eskenazi limps for 400,000, and Jeremy Joseph checks his option. The flop comes Spade ADiamond 10Spade 7, Joseph checks, Eskenazi bets 400,000, and Joseph folds. Eskenazi takes the pot.

HAND #165  –  Jeremy Joseph limps for 400,000, Scott Eskenazi raises to 1,200,000, and Joseph calls. The flop comes Heart QClub JClub 4, Eskenazi bets 600,000, and Joseph calls. The turn card pairs the board with the Diamond Q, and both players check.

The river card is the Club 7, and they check again. Eskenazi shows Club AHeart 3 for ace high, but Joseph turns over Spade ASpade 10 to win the pot with ace-ten high.

HAND #166  –  Scott Eskenazi raises to 800,000, and Jeremy Joseph calls. Both players check to the turn on a board of Diamond 8Diamond 6Spade 2Club 4, Joseph bets 1,200,000, and Eskenazi calls.

The river card is the Heart Q, Joseph bets 3,000,000, and Eskenazi folds. Joseph takes the pot.

Scott Eskenazi  –  18,900,000
Jeremy Joseph  –  10,500,000

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