Hand #165: Stephen Song Wins the WPT Prime Championship! ($712,650); Lara Eisenberg Finishes as Runner-Up ($481,500)

Dec 20, 2022

Stephen Song
Photo:  WPT Prime Champion Stephen Song

HAND #165  –  Lara Eisenberg limps for 2,000,000 with Diamond QSpade 8, and Stephen Song checks his option with Spade 6Diamond 4. The flop comes Spade QHeart 8Spade 5, Song checks, Eisenberg bets 2,000,000, and Song calls.

The turn card is the Heart 7, Song checks, Eisenberg bets 8,000,000, and Song thinks for a long time before he check-raises to 22,000,000. Eisenberg thinks for a bit before she moves all in for 53,600,000, and Song snap-calls with his Spade 6Diamond 4 for an eight-high straight.

Eisenberg turns over her Diamond QSpade 8 for top two pair, queens and eights, and she needs to catch a queen or an eight to stay alive.

The river card is the Spade 2, and Stephen Song wins the pot — and the title — with an eight-high straight.

Lara Eisenberg finishes as the runner-up, earning $481,500.

Stephen Song wins the WPT Prime Championship, earning $712,650. Song also receives a WPT Prime Championship trophy, a Wynn Las Vegas trophy, and a gift certificate good for a cruise on Virgin Voyages in a Rockstar cabin ($8,000 value).

Congratulations to Stephen Song!

1st:  Stephen Song  –  $712,650
2nd:  Lara Eisenberg  –  $481,500
3rd:  Young Eum  –  $354,000
4th:  Alon Messica  –  $265,000
5th:  Albert Nguyen  –  $200,000
6th:  Giorgii Skhulukhiia  –  $153,000

In addition to the prize money, all six final tablists will receive gift certificates good for a cruise on Virgin Voyages. Second- thru sixth-place finishers will receive a certificate for a Sea Terrace cabin ($2,800 value each), while the winner will receive a certificate for a Rockstar cabin ($8,000 value).

Stephen Song with Family and Friends
Photo:  Stephen Song is surrounded by his friends and family after winning the WPT Prime Championship.

Lara Eisenberg
Photo:  Runner-Up Lara Eisenberg

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