Hands 176-177: Erkut Yilmaz Scores a Huge Double

Mar 12, 2019

Hand 176: Erkut Yilmaz limps preflop on the button, and Jim Collopy checks the big blind before the flop falls 7s4h2d. Collopy bets 200,000, Yilmaz raises to 650,000, and Collopy folds.

Hand 177: Jim Collopy raises to 450,000 preflop on the button, Erkut Yilmaz reraises all in from the big blind, and Collopy calls to cover him. Here is a look at their cards.

Yilmaz: Ah7h
Collopy: JdJs

Board: AsQsTh9dQd

Yilmaz doubles up to survive with 10.6 million, and Collopy is left with just 600,000 after the hand.

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