Hands #19-22: Vahan Sudzhyan Continues to Rise

Sep 4, 2019

Hand #19: Gueorgui Gantchev limps the small blind and Vahan Sudzhyan checks his option in the big blind. The flop lands Club QSpade 7Spade 3 and a bet of 100,000 from Sudzhyan is enough to win the pot.

Hand #20: Gueorgui Gantchev raises the button to 115,000 and both Vahan Sudzhyan and Jared Griener call in the blinds. The flop lands Spade KHeart JClub 4 and action checks to Gantchev who bets 150,000. Sudzhyan calls, and Griener folds, before both players check the Diamond 2 on the turn.

The river is the Diamond K and Sudzhyan leads for 225,000 and Gantchev folds.

Hand #21: Vahan Sudzhyan raises to 130,000 on the button and Aaron Van Blarcum calls in the big blind.

The flop lands Diamond 10Heart 10Spade K and both players check to reveal the Club J on the turn. Van Blarcum check-folds to a 115,000-chip bet.

Vaham Sudzhyan – 4,100,000

Hand #22: Gueorgui Gantchev limps the hijack and Aaron Van Blarcum raises to 175,000 in the small blind. Gantchev calls, and then folds to a bet of 235,000 on the Heart 6Club 3Diamond 4 flop.

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