Hands #20-22: Final Nine Players

Mar 2, 2016

Hand #20  –  Farid Jattin raises UTG+1 to 80,000, taking the blinds and antes.

Hand #21  –  Mike Shariati limps from middle position for 30,000, Dietrich Fast completes the small blind, and Sam Soverel checks his option in the big blind. All three players check to the turn on a board of Heart 6Spade 4Diamond 3Heart Q, and it checks to Shariati, who bets 80,000. Fast calls, and Soverel folds.

The river card is the Diamond 10, and both players check. Fast shows Spade 7Club 7, but Shariati turns over Spade KSpade 10 to win the pot with a rivered pair of tens.

Hand #22  –  Mike Shariati limps UTG+1 for 30,000, Alex Keating raises from the cutoff to 120,000, and Shariati limp-raises to 320,000. Keating tanks for a while and says, “I think we’ve seen this hand before.” Shariati says, “I think so too.”

Keating says, “I think you have ace-king this time.” Keating folds, trying to get Shariati to show his cards. As he takes the pot, Shariati offers to let Keating pick one of his cards to turn over. Keating selects one, and it is the Spade A.

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