Hands #202-204: Ema Zajmovic Establishes Commanding Lead

Apr 20, 2018

Hand #202: Rens Feenstra limped in and Ema Zajmovic raised to 200,000, Feenstra called. On the Diamond 6Diamond 5Diamond 2 flop, Zajmovic bet 100,000 and picked up a call. After the Diamond 4 turn the action went check, check, and a bet of Zajmovic on the Club 3 river for 500,000 went through without showdown.

Hand #203: Zajmovic raised to 175,000 and Feenstra called. Both players opted to check the Heart QDiamond 10Diamond 8 flop before Feenstra also checked the Heart 8 turn. Zajmovic bet 240,000 and Feenstra called. After the Spade 7 river, no betting action took place and Feenstra rolled over Heart AClub 9, Zajmovic had that beat with Diamond JHeart 7.

Hand #204: Feenstra limped in, Zajmovic once again made it 200,000 to go and Feenstra called. Zajmovic bet the Spade 10Diamond 7Diamond 2 flop for 260,000 and Feenstra called. Both checked the Spade 2 turn and Zajmovic used one time bank chip after the Diamond K river before announcing all in. Feenstra folded and Zajmovic scooped the third bigger pot in a row to establish a commanding lead.

Ema Zajmovic – 4,720,000 – (59bb)
Rens Feenstra – 1,505,000 (19bb)

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