Hands #217-220: Justin Zaki Shoves the Flop

Feb 2, 2018

Heads Up Justin Zaki

Hand #217   –  Justin Zaki (pictured) limps for 1,000,000, and Eric Afriat checks his option in the big blind. The flop comes Diamond JDiamond 10Spade 6, Afriat checks, Zaki motions to bet, and Afriat folds before Zaki releases his chips. Zaki takes the pot.

Hand #218  –  Eric Afriat raises to 2,200,000, and Justin Zaki folds.

Hand #219   –  Justin Zaki limps for 1,000,000, Eric Afriat raises to 2,800,000, and Zaki folds.

Hand #220  –  Eric Afriat raises to 2,000,000, and Justin Zaki calls.

The flop comes Diamond ASpade KDiamond 6, Zaki checks, Afriat bets 1,000,000, and Zaki check-raises all in for 12,000,000. Afriat thinks for a while before he folds, and Zaki takes the pot.

Justin Zaki  –  17,200,000  (17 bb)
Eric Afriat  –  20,100,000  (20 bb)

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