Hands #219-226: Ema Zajmovic Doubles Once More

Apr 20, 2018

Hand #219: Rens Feenstra limped in and Ema Zajmovic checked. Both opted to check the Club 4Club 3Club 2 flop and Zajmovic bet 140,000 on the Diamond 7 turn, Feenstra called.

On the Diamond A river, Zajmovic checked and called a bet of 200,000 by Feenstra, then mucked when the Dutchman showed the Diamond 5Spade 4 for a straight.

Hand #220: Zajmovic limped and Feenstra checked. On the Diamond JDiamond 9Spade 5 flop, Feenstra checked and subsequently check-raised from 100,000 to 300,000. Zajmovic moved all in for 1,750,000 and Feenstran called.

Ema Zajmovic: Diamond 5Diamond 4
Rens Feenstra: Diamond QClub 10

The Club J on the turn provided some counterfit outs for Feenstra, but the blank Club 7 let the Canadian rail cheer as Zajmovic doubled back into the chip lead.

Hand #221: Feenstra raised to 225,000 and Zajmovic folded.

Hand #222: Zajmovic limped in, Feenstra checked. The Diamond ASpade KHeart 9 flop brought a check by Feenstra and Zajmovic’s bet of 100,000 did the trick.

Hand #223: Feenstra limped, Zajmovic checked. After a check by Zajmovic, a bet of Feenstra for 100,000 on the Club ADiamond JHeart 7 flop was enough to win the pot.

Hand #224: Zajmovic raised to 225,000 and forced a fold.

Hand #225: A raise to 225,000 by Feenstra shut down all further action.

Hand #226: Zajmovic limped in and Feenstra checked his option. Both players checked the Club 9Spade 7Spade 5 flop and the Club 5 turn. Zajmovic also checked the Diamond 6 river and Feenstra’s bet of 100,000 won the pot uncontested.

Ema Zajmovic – 3,830,000 (38bb)
Rens Feenstra – 2,395,000 (24bb)

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