Hands #232-235: Straight Over Straight Setup Leaves Ema Zajmovic Short

Apr 20, 2018

Hand #232: Ema Zajmovic limped in and Rens Feenstra checked to see a flop of Diamond QHeart 7Club 6. Feenstra checked and folded to a bet of 190,000.

Hand #233: A walk for Zajmovic.

Hand #234: Zajmovic limped in and Feenstra checked. The flop came Heart JHeart 10Spade 4 and Feenstra check-called a bet of 140,000. After the Spade 7 turn, Feenstra checked once more and folded to a bet of 500,000.

Hand #235: Feenstra limped and Zajmovic checked. The flop of Spade 9Heart 5Heart 4 saw Zajmovic check and call a bet of 180,000 before checking the Diamond 6 on the turn. Feenstra bet 420,000 and Zajmovic moved all in, a snap-call by the Dutchman followed.

Rens Feenstra: Diamond 8Club 7
Ema Zajmovic: Heart 3Diamond 2

While Feenstra was the player at risk, he had nothing to fear with the nut straight and doubled for 2,335,000 after the meaningless Club 6 on the river completed the board.

Rens Feenstra – 5,310,000 (44bb)
Ema Zajmovic – 915,000 (8bb)

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