Hands #25-27: Uke Dauti Out-Kicks Donald Maloney

Sep 20, 2019

Uke Dauti

Hand #25: Victor Ramdin raises to 250,000 from the hijack and Jerry Maher calls in the big blind. The flop lands Diamond 4Diamond 9Heart K and Maher check-calls a bet of 150,000. The turn lands the Diamond K and both players check again as the Diamond Q lands on the river and action checks through. Maher tables his Diamond 6Club 6 and Ramdin mucks.

Hand #26: Uke Dauti (pictured) raises to 225,000 from the cutoff and Donald Maloney calls in the big blind. The flop lands Spade 3Diamond 9Club 2 and Dauti continues for 250,000. Maloney check-calls, and when the turn lands the Spade 5, he checks again.

Dauti bets 475,000 and Maloney calls as the Diamond 2 completes the board on the river and both players check. Maloney tables his Heart 4Heart 5 for two pair, but it is Dauti’s Club AClub 5 for the same two pair but a superior kicker that will earn him the pot.

Hand #27: Jerry Maher raises the button to 250,000 and Victor Ramdin calls in the big blind to see the Diamond AClub 9Club K flop. Ramdin check-calls a bet of 250,000 as the turn lands the Diamond 10. Ramdin checks, Maher bets 400,000, and Ramdin folds.

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