Hands #26-28: Keven Stammen Makes the Right Fold

Aug 28, 2014

Hand #26  –  Keven Stammen min-raises from the hijack to 80,000, and Tyler Kenney calls from the big blind. The flop comes [8d8c2c], and Kenney bets about 80% of his stack (all of his 25K chips) for about 375,000. Stammen folds, and Kenney takes the pot.

Tyler Kenney  –  665,000  (16 bb)
Keven Stammen  –  830,000  (20 bb)

Hand #27  –  Taylor McFarland min-raises from the cutoff to 80,000, Jeremy Kottler reraises from the button to 165,000, and McFarland folds. Kottler takes the pot.

Hand #28  –  Keven Stammen min-raises under the gun to 80,000, and Massoud Eskandari calls from the big blind. Both players check to the turn on a board of [QhJc10h2d], Eskandari bets 105,000, and Stammen calls.

The river card is the [8s], Eskandari bets 150,000, Stammen raises to 405,000, and Eskandari tanks for about a minute before he moves all in.

Stammen tanks for a few minutes before Taylor McFarland calls for a clock. As the clock is counting down, Stammen asks Eskandari if he’ll show, and Eskandari says he will.

Stammen folds [As9s] face up — a queen-high straight. Eskandari takes the pot, and shows [Kd9d] for a king-high straight.

Massoud Eskandari  –  4,120,000  (103 bb)
Keven Stammen  –  265,000  (6 bb)

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