Hands #28-30: Alexander Yen Wins One on the River

Jan 26, 2022

Hand #28: Daniel Lazrus receives a walk in the big blind.

Hand #29: Josh Kay opens to 425,000 on the button, and Lazrus calls in the small blind. Alexander Yen comes along from the big blind as well, and all three players check the flop Heart JClub 2Spade 7.

The turn comes Diamond K and Lazrus checks. Yen bets 300,000, and Kay folds. Lazrus then calls, taking action heads up to the river Heart 8 where Lazrus check-folds to a bet of 1.2 million from Yen.

Hand #30: Action folds to Yen, and he completes his small blind. Anton Wigg raises to 750,000 in the big blind, and Yen folds, earning Wigg the pot.

Alex Yen – 31,350,000
Josh Kay – 18,000,000
Anton Wigg – 15,750,000
Daniel Lazrus – 11,050,000
Nicholas Verderamo – 3,000,000

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