Hands #28-30: Final Nine Players

Mar 2, 2016

Hand #28  –  John Hennigan min-raises from middle position to 60,000, Anthony Spinella calls from the small blind, and Alex Keating calls from the big blind. All three players check to the turn on a board of Spade KDiamond 8Spade 2Spade 4, Spinella checks, and Keating bets 100,000. Hennigan folds, and Spinella calls.

The river card is the Heart 9, Spinella checks, Keating moves all in for 545,000, and Spinella folds. Keating takes the pot.

Alex Keating  –  940,000  (31 bb)
Anthony Spinella  –  2,550,000  (85 bb)

Hand #29  –  Sam Soverel raises under the gun to 65,000, Mike Shariati calls from middle position, and Dietrich Fast calls from the big blind. The flop comes Spade KHeart 4Spade 2, Fast checks, and Soverel bets 70,000. Shariati calls, and Fast folds.

The turn card is the Heart J, Soverel bets 175,000, and Shariati folds. Soverel takes the pot.

Hand #30  –  Farid Jattin raises under the gun to 80,000, taking the blinds and antes.

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