Hands #30-31: Tyler Cornell's Bluff Fails

Aug 28, 2014

Hand #30 – Owen Crowe raises to 90,000 from the cutoff, Moussad Eskandari calls on the button, and Tyler Cornell calls out of the big blind (there is a dead small blind).

The flop comes [Kc8d6d] and action checks to Eskandari, who bets 100,000. Cornell quickly folds, and Crowe check-raises to 320,000 total. 

Eskandari thinks for a good two minutes before asking Crowe, "You gonna show me?" Crowe doesn’t respond, Eskandari folds not long after, and Crowe takes the pot.

Owen Crowe – 2,310,000 (58 bb)
Massoud Eskandari – 4,000,000 (100 bb)

Hand #31 – Action folds to Tyler Cornell in the small blind and he raises to 115,000. Harut Arutyunyan is in the big blind and calls.  The flop comes [Kh5c4s] and Cornell bets 125,000. Arutyunyan calls.

The turn brings the [8s]. Cornell bets 280,000 and Arutyunyan calls. The river is the [7h]. Cornell bets 420,000 and Arutyunyan calls.

Cornell turns over [9s10s]. Arutyunyan stares at Cornell’s hand, looks at the board, looks back at Cornell’s hand, and realizes Cornell has just ten-high. Arutyunyan then turns over [8d8h] for a set of eights to take the pot.

Harut Arutyunyan – 2,540,000 (64 bb)
Tyler Cornell – 3,675,000 (92 bb)

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