Hands #33-36: Set for Vahan Sudzhyan

Sep 4, 2019

Hand #33: Jared Griener raises to 135,000 on the button and both Aaron Van Blarcum and Jisup Hwang call in the blinds. The flop lands Spade 4Diamond 9Spade 6 and Van Blarcum takes it with a bet of 250,000.

Hand #34: Jisup Hwang limps the small blind and Gueorgui Gantchev checks the big blind. The Spade ASpade KHeart 4 flop sees Hwang check-call a bet of 100,000 before the Spade 8 and Club 9 check through on the turn and river. Hwang tables his Diamond JSpade 4 and collects the pot.

Hand #35: Gueorgui Gantchev limps the small blind and Vahan Sudzhyan checks the big blind. The Diamond AHeart AClub 3Heart KSpade 7 board checks to the river where Gantchev tables his Heart JDiamond 2 and Sudzhyan reveals the winning Spade JSpade 8.

Hand #36: Jisup Hwang raises to 150,000 in the cutoff and Gueorgui Gantchev calls on the button, as does Vahan Sudzhyan and Gueorgui Gantchev in the blinds.

The Spade ADiamond JSpade 8 flop checks through to reveal the Diamond 7 on the turn. Sudzhyan bets 300,000 and only Gantchev calls as the Heart K falls on the river. Sudzhyan bets 450,000 and Gantchev open-mucks his Diamond 6Diamond 5. Sudzhyan shows his Heart 8Club 8 and scoops the pot.

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