Hands #35: Kou Vang Doubles Thru Roland Rokita

Mar 9, 2021

Kou Vang

HAND #35  –  Roland Rokita raises from the cutoff to 300,000, Kou Vang (pictured) reraises from the button to 875,000 (nearly all in), and Rokita moves all in.

Vang calls all in for a total of 950,000 with Heart ASpade 8, and he needs his hand to hold to stay alive against Rokita’s Spade QSpade 4.

The board comes Heart QDiamond 8Club 8Diamond ADiamond 5, and Vang flops trip eights and turns a full house to win the pot and double up in chips.

Kou Vang  –  2,275,000  (15 bb)
Roland Rokita  –  9,000,000  (66 bb)

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