Hands 41-45: Anton Wigg Putting His New Chips to Work

Jan 26, 2022

Double Up Anton Wigg

Hand 41: Daniel Lazrus opens the cutoff to 550,000 and action folds to Anton Wigg in the small blind who moves all-in. Lazrus folds.

Hand 42: Lazrus opens the hi-jack to 550,000 and Wigg calls on the button. The flop falls Heart 5Heart 3Spade 3 and Lazrus checks. Wigg bets 500,000 and Lazrus calls.

The dealer burns and turns the Club 8 and Lazrus checks. Wigg bets two million and Lazrus calls.

The river Club A completes the board and Lazrus checks. Wigg moves all-in for 7,900,000 effective and Lazrus mucks.

Hand #43: Josh Kay raises the small blind to 850,000 and Lazrus calls in the big blind. The flop falls Heart 10Diamond 8Spade 5 and Kay bets 600,000. Lazrus calls.

The turn Spade 8 hits the felt and action checks through. The river Club 4 completes the board and action checks through, Kay tables Diamond ADiamond 4 for a pair of fours and Lazrus mucks.

Hand #44: Nicholas Verderamo moves all-in for 3,750,000 from the cutoff and takes it down.

Hand #45: Lazrus opens the button to 625,000 and Wigg moves all-in from the big blind having Lazrus covered. Lazrus mucks and Wigg takes it down.

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