Hands #43-45: Kevin Albers Flops Top Pair

Sep 20, 2019

Kevin Albers

Hand #43: Uke Dauti raises to 300,000 from the button and Kevin Albers (pictured) calls in the small blind, as does Jerry Maher from the big blind. The flop lands Spade QHeart 4Heart A.

Both blinds check and Dauti bets 450,000. Albers calls, and Maher folds as the turn lands the Spade 2. Albers checks and Dauti bets 625,000 and Albers calls.

The river is the Spade K and both players check. Albers tables his Diamond AClub 7 and Dauti mucks.

Hand #44: Jerry Maher raises to 250,000 from the small blind and wins the pot.

Hand #45: Kevin Albers raises the cutoff to 300,000 and Jerry Maher three-bets his button to 825,000 and Albers folds.

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