Hands #4-6: Final Nine Players

Nov 6, 2014

Hand #4  –  Darren Elias min-raises from the button to 12,000, and Frederic Maniez calls from the big blind. Both players check to the turn on a board of [Kh10c7cKd], Maniez checks, Elias bets 16,000, and Maniez check-raises to 35,000. Elias calls.

The river is the [8c], and both players check. Maniez shows [9d8d] for two pair, kings and eights, but Elias turns over [QcQd] for a higher two pair, kings and queens, to win the pot.

Hand #5  –  Darren Elias raises from the cutoff to 13,000, Christophe Rosso reraises from the small blind to 38,000, and Elias folds. Rosso takes the pot.

Hand #6  –  Christopher Rosso raises from the button to 16,000, winning the blinds and antes.

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