Hands #48-52: Christopher Puetz Doubles Through JvB

Feb 23, 2020

Hand #48: Josef Gulas completes from a small blind with rags but he folds to Laszlo Papai’s shove.

Hand #49: Joep van den Bijgaart moves all in from the small blind with Heart JDiamond 9 and he rakes in the pot.

Hand #50: Van den Bijgaart jams again with Heart QSpade 8 and Christopher Puetz calls from the small blind for 1.7 million with Diamond AHeart J

Van den Bijgaart picks up a gutshot on the Heart 9Club JClub A flop, but he bricks the rest as the Club K and Spade 6 hit the felt.

Hand #51: Gulas moves all in from the small blind for 1.6 million with jack-high and Papai folds from the big.

Hand #52: Puetz raises to 300,000 under the gun with Heart AHeart J and van den Bijgaart calls from the big blind with Heart KHeart 8. They check to the river of the Spade 3Spade 8Heart 9Diamond QHeart 2 board and van den Bijgaart fires 300,000 on the final round. Puetz burns a timebank and then calls.

Laszlo Papai – 8,600,000
Joep van den Bijgaart – 6,800,000
Christopher Puetz – 3,100,000
Josef Gulas – 1,900,000

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