Hand #54:

Ryan Salunga opens to 100,000 from under the gun and Steve Spunt calls from the cutoff. 

The flop comes Diamond QHeart QSpade J, Salunga bets 100,000 and Spunt calls. 

The turn brings the Club A, Salunga checks and Spunt bets 125,000. Salunga raises to 450,000 and Spunt calls.

The river is the Diamond 6, Salunga uses two time extension chips before moving all in for 1,600,000 effective. Spunt folds. 

Ryan Salunga – 4,610,000 (92 bb)
Steve Spunt – 1,600,000 (32 bb)

Hand #55:

Calvin Lee opens to 100,000 from late position. Steve Spunt calls from the hijack as does Ryan Salunga from the big blind. 

They check down the Spade KClub 5Club 3Diamond 5 board.

The river brings the Heart 3 and it checks to Lee who bets 135,000. Only Spunt calls.

Lee turns over Diamond AHeart A and Spunt mucks. 

Calvin Lee – 900,000 (18 bb)
Steve Spunt – 1,260,000 (25 bb)

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