Hand #56:

Thomas Choi opens to 120,000 from early position and Calvin Lee three-bets to 300,000 from middle position. Everyone folds.

Hand #57: 

Chris Lee opens to 125,000 from late position and Ky Nguyen defends his big blind. 

The flop comes Heart KSpade 9Club 4, Nguyen checks, and Lee bets 105,000. Nguyen calls.

Both players check the Heart 9 on the turn. The river brings the Heart A. Nguyen checks and Lee bets 180,000. 

Nguyen calls with Heart JHeart 10 a flush to beat Lee’s Club ADiamond 3

Ky Nguyen – 1,330,000 (22 bb)
Chris Lee – 4,400,000 (73 bb)

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