Hands #59-62: Roland Rokita Wins With Pocket Queens

Mar 8, 2021

Roland Rokita
Photo:  Roland Rokita

HAND #59  –  Joe McKeehen raises from the hijack to 225,000, and Kou Vang calls from the big blind. The flop comes Spade KSpade 10Diamond 6, Vang checks, McKeehen bets 200,000, and Vang check-raises to 775,000. McKeehen folds, and Vang takes the pot.

HAND #60  –  Everyone folds to Qing Liu, giving him a walk in the big blind.

HAND #61  –  Sergio Aido raises UTG+1 to 200,000, taking the blinds and ante.

HAND #62  –  Sergio Aido raises under the gun to 200,000, and Roland Rokita calls from the hijack. The flop comes Spade 8Diamond 7Heart 5, Aido checks, Rokita bets 200,000, and Aido calls. The turn card is the Heart 3, Aido checks, Rokita bets 400,000, and Aido calls.

The river card is the Diamond 10, and both players check. Aido shows Heart AHeart K, but Rokita turns over Heart QDiamond Q to win the pot.

Roland Rokita  –  7,000,000  (70 bb)
Sergio Aido  –  4,950,000  (50 bb)

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