Hands #61-65: Josh Kay Survives on a Chop

Nov 30, 2022

Heads Up

Hand #61:
Josh Kay limps the small blind, Andrew Wilson calls, and the Heart AClub KDiamond 2 flop rolls out.

Wilson checks to Kay who bets 500,000. Wilson folds.

Hand #62:
Wilson completes the small blind and Kay taps, bringing an Club ASpade 9Diamond 9 flop to light. Wilson bets 400,000 and Kay folds.

Hand #63:

Kay completes the button, Wilson checks, and the Heart ADiamond 6Diamond 5 falls. Both check through to the Heart Q turn where Wilson bets 1.3 million and Kay folds.

Hand #64:
Wilson limps the button and Kay shoves, totaling 6.2 million. Wilson calls and Kay is at risk.

Josh Kay: Club JHeart 8
Andrew Wilson: Heart QHeart J

The flop falls Diamond 7Heart 6Diamond 6 and Wilson is still leading the way. An Club A turn brings some chop-outs for Kay.

The Heart 7 does just that for Kay who survives to play another hand.

Hand #65:
Kay limps the button to Wilson who checks behind, and the dealer spreads Club KHeart 10Diamond 10 on the felt.

The action falls to Kay, he bets 400,000, and Wilson check-calls to see the Club 9 land.

Both tap through to the Spade 9 river where they check once more. Wilson shows Diamond QDiamond 4X X and Kay reveals Diamond 5Heart 2, chopping another pot.

Andrew Wilson – 70,400,000 (176 bb)
Josh Kay – 6,600,000 (17 bb)

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