Hands #62-63: Bin Weng Bets Big on the River

Jul 14, 2023

HAND #62  –  Scott Baumstein raises to 1,000,000, and Bin Weng calls. The flop comes Heart 6Diamond 5Club 3, Weng checks, Baumstein bets 800,000, and Weng folds. Baumstein takes the pot.

HAND #63  –  Bin Weng raises to 1,100,000, and Scott Baumstein calls. The flop comes Spade QSpade 8Heart 3, Baumstein checks, Weng bets 800,000, and Baumstein calls.

The turn card is the Diamond 9, Baumstein checks, Weng bets 3,700,000, and Baumstein calls.

The river card is the Heart K, Baumstein checks, and Weng uses one of his Time Chips to tank for a while before he bets 11,350,000. Baumstein tanks for a while before he folds, and Weng takes the pot.

Seat 1.  Scott Baumstein  –  28,450,000  (57 bb)
Seat 2.  Bin Weng  –  38,600,000  (77 bb)

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