Hands 62-65: Double Ups For Bui and Ormsby

Feb 24, 2016

Mike Bui

Hand #62: Derek Verrian received a walk.

Hand #63: Rob Forbes received a walk.

Hand #64: Rob Forbes raised to 150,000 from the small blind and Mike Bui moved all in for 555,000 from the big blind. Forbes called.

Bui: Heart KClub 3
Forbes: Heart AClub 2

The board ran out Spade QHeart 8Diamond 6Club 10Diamond 3 and Bui doubled up.

Hand #65: Rob Forbes raised from the button to 150,000 and it was David Ormsby who defended his big blind. the flop brought out Spade QClub 8Spade 5 and Ormsby checked to Forbes who bet 250,000. Ormsby check-raised all in for 1,060,000 and Forbes called.

Forbes: Heart 7Club 7
Ormsby: Heart QSpade J

The board ran out Heart 2, Diamond K and Ormsby found himself a double up.

Rob Forbes – 6,520,000 (108bb)
David Ormsby – 2,440,000 (40bb)
Derek Verrian – 2,600,000 (43bb)
Mike Bui – 1,150,000 (19bb)

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