Hand #63:

Chris Lee opens to 150,000 from the button and everyone folds.

Hand #64: 

Steve Spunt opens to 125,000 from the hijack and Chris Lee calls from the cutoff. 

They check down the Heart AClub KSpade 8Heart JDiamond 9 board. Lee shows Spade KSpade 10 for a pair of kings to beat Spunt’s Diamond 2Club 2

Chris Lee – 4,850,000 (80 bb)
Steve Spunt – 900,000 (15 bb)

Hand #65: 

Calvin Lee opens to 120 from early poison and Chris Lee three bets to 260,000 from the hijack. Calvin Lee folds.

Hand #66:

WPT Ambassador Brad Owen limps the small blind and Ky Nguyen checks the big blind. 

The flop comes Heart AHeart 5Heart 3. Owen bets 60,000 and Nguyen calls. 

The turn brings the Club 5, Owen bets 110,000 and Nguyen calls.

The river is the Club 2, Owen bets 275,000 and Nguyen uses a time chip before calling. 

Owen tables Club JClub 6 for a bluff and Nguyen’s Heart KClub 3 pair of threes takes it.

Ky Nguyen – 2,050,000 (34 bb)
Brad Owen – 1,440,000 (24 bb)

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