Hands 66-67: Monster Clash: Verrian Doubles Through Forbes

Feb 24, 2016

Derek Verrian

Hand #66: Rob Forbes raised under the gun to 125,000 and David Ormsby called from the small blind. The flop brought out Heart AHeart 3Spade 2 and both players checked.

On the turn the Spade A hit and Ormsby picked up the pot with a bet of 135,000.

Hand #67: Derek Verrian raised from the small blind to 160,000 and Rob Forbes called from the big blind.

The flop brought out Diamond 7Club 5Diamond 3 and Verrian bet 200,000, only to get raised to 425,000. Verrian moved all in for 1,985,000, and Forbes made the call.

Forbes: Spade 9Spade 7
Verrian: Diamond ADiamond 2

The turn immediately brought the Diamond 9, giving Verrian the nut flush but he wasn’t out of trouble yet. Forbes had outs to make a double up, but the river was the Heart 6 and Verrian secured his double up.

Rob Forbes – 4,680,000 (78bb)
Derek Verrian – 4,330,000 (72bb)
David Ormsby – 2,690,000 (44bb)
Mike Bui – 1,090,000 (18bb)

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