Hands #66-69: Kevin Albers Takes the Chip Lead

Sep 20, 2019

Kevin Albers

Hand #66: Dave Farah raises to 300,000 from the small blind and Uke Dauti calls in the big blind. The flop lands Spade 2Heart 2Spade 4 and Farah bets 400,000. Dauti calls, and the turn lands the Diamond 4. Farah checks and Dauti bets out 1,200,000. Farah folds.

Hand #67: Dave Farah raises to 375,000 on the button and Kevin Albers (pictured)three-bets to 950,000 from the big blind. Farah calls, and the flop lands Diamond 7Diamond 2Heart 3 and Albers bets out 600,000.

Farah calls, and the tun lands the Diamond 8 and Albers now checks. Farah elects to bet 1,150,000 and Albers announces a raise amounting to 3,150,000. Farah folds.

Kevin Albers – 15,450,000
Dave Farah – 7,400,000

Hand #68: Uke Dauti raises to 325,000 and Jerry Maher calls in the big blind to see the Spade QDiamond 5Heart K and both players check to reveal the Heart 8 on the turn. Maher bets 300,000 and Dauti calls as the river lands the Heart 3.

Maher bets out 500,000 and Dauti calls. Maher tables his Heart QClub 8 for two pair, and Dauti shows his Diamond AClub Q for top pair, and Maher will win this pot.

Hand #69: Kevin Albers raises to 375,000 on the button and Donald Maloney moves all in from the big blind for about 3,100,000 and Albers folds.

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