Hands #67-70: Zlatan Klimenta Eliminated in 6th Place ($64,000)

May 2, 2022

Zlatan Klimenta
Photo:  Zlatan Klimenta (center) and Catherine Miller (right)

HAND #67  –  Nabil Zumout moves all in from the small blind, taking the blinds and ante.

HAND #68  –  Everyone folds to Zlatan Klimenta, giving him a walk in the big blind.

HAND #69  –  Carl Oman raises from the button to 650,000, taking the blinds and ante.

HAND #70  –  Zlatan Klimenta moves all in from the button for 1,175,000, and Matt Boddorf calls from the big blind with Spade 3Diamond 2.

Klimenta turns over Spade 9Spade 2, and he is actually in a dominant position to double up here.

But the board comes Diamond KClub 6Spade 4Heart 5Heart 2, and Boddorf turns a six-high straight to win the pot and eliminate Klimenta in sixth place.

Matt Boddorf  –  6,125,000  (25 bb)
Zlatan Klimenta  –  Eliminated in 6th Place  ($64,000)

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